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Other Ocean Climate Observation Program Education & Outreach

NOAA Teacher at Sea Program
Many scientists supported by the Climate Observation Division welcome teachers' participation in their research on board a research vessel at sea as part of the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program.

Teacher at sea Jacquelyn Hams launches a drifting buoy

NOAA Teacher at Sea, Jacquelyn Hams, Los Angeles Valley College, deploys a drifting buoy as part of her contribution to the science on board the DYNAMO cruise in the Indian Ocean, November 2011.

Learn how to apply and participate in the Teacher at Sea Program!

Teacher at sea middle school science book cover

This middle school science book is the first in a series of four children's science books published about NOAA science. Teacher at Sea: Miss Cook's Voyage on the RONALD H. BROWN focuses on ocean observations, including moored and drifting buoys, tsunami buoys, CTD casts, and Argo floats.

NOAA Children's Science Books
In 2005, The NOAA Teacher at Sea program unveiled its first children's book with the aim of making NOAA science understandable and exciting for students across the country. Four middle school science books have been published as part of the series on oceanic, atmospheric, hydrographic, and fisheries research, respectively. Content includes science and math activities, glossaries of terms and full-color images.

Teachers may request a free copy of the books by contacting the NOAA Outreach Unit. All the books and accompanying lesson plan units are available in PDF format.




Our Research Scientists Participate in Outreach

A few examples:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientist Bob Weller speaking with Teacher at Sea Brett Hoyt

Bob Weller, scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, speaking with Teacher at Sea Brett Hoyt

NOAA scientist Chris Fairall presents a workshop in Boulder, CO

NOAA scientist, Chris Fairall, ESRL, presents at a COSEE teacher workshop in Boulder, CO. 

  • Chris Fairall, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, gave a presentation to teachers during a Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) workshop through CIRES Outreach.  The lecture describes the global energy balance and why the ocean is the boss of the climate system response.   Complete videos of the lectures are available online.

  • Bob Weller, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, hosts Teachers at Sea on his Stratus cruise off the coast of Chile.  Teachers express their immense improvement in understanding of ocean science as a result of this hands on teacher research experience.

  • Billy Kessler, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, meets with community members in Papua New Guinea and provides a lecture about the applications of his ocean research to local communities.